TaurusX mediation platform empowers you to get the most profitable advertisements. Through unifying global ad resources like Google, Facebook and MoPub, our enriched ad inventory would drive up your revenue productively after integration. Also, we offer a lightweight mediation SDK to streamline the coding work of connecting all major ad networks. With invetory from direct advertiser and premium Ad Networks via RTB, TaurusX will maximize your Ad revenues of your Apps.

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Increase Your Revenue Effectively

Our Ad inventory from global leading brands will enormously boost your filling rate. Our intelligent delivery technique ensures the maximum eCPM for your impressions.

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Support Multiple Ad Formats

Through configuring reasonable combination of Ad Units, our platform could efficiently advance your profitability. TaurusX SDK supports all mainstream Ad formats: Banner, Interstitial, Native, Rewards Video etc.

Why Choose Us?

Real-time Reports and Analysis Tools

Monitoring your real-time traffic, user properties and revenue 7*24 hours through our reporting tools. It helps you read the data and optimize your monetization strategies.

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Case Study

ModooPlay, the mobile games studio based in China, owns a series of idle games like street food tycoon, weeder match and happy slice.

ModooPlay selects TaurusX as their final mediation solution. Through TaurusX monetization tools they are able to remote control the order and proportion of all ad networks in their waterfall, so that they could do A/B test real time with exactly same matched group of users. ModooPlay attempts various combination of flat CPM price to reach a balance between high CPM rate and potentially lower filling rate. Then, through the mixadview tools the team tests the performance of a placement on the bottom of the page by integrating native or banner ads, and finds the best layout for this specific cases.

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