Mission & Vision

Connect the world with the best technology and help all companies achieve growth on the global scale.
Establish a leading internet company with global competitiveness.

Being indomitable with the power of "RISE".

R  Research

Dare to explore, to innovate, to make breakthroughs, and to stand at the forefront of the times.

I  Internationalize

Embrace both domestic and worldwide customers and have a firm footing in the global marketplace.

S Significant

Establish advantages in fierce competition. Meet market demand and promote the development of the industry.

E Extend

Seek sustainable and rapid growth with no preset or assumed boundary. Ensure the leading position in the industry.

Our Values


Value results and challenge difficulties


Be prepared, motivated, and keen


Be cooperative, frank, and sincere


Keep thinking, reflecting, and breaking


Be hardworking, optimistic, and self-motivated


Explore the world and dig out the truth


Over 500 employees with offices in 9 cities across the globe.





Ready for TaurusX ? 

Michael Xu
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Michael Xu is the Founder and CEO of WebEye. He has over 10 years of experience in internet industry and accumulated abundant knowledge in enterprise management. With his outstanding leadership and keen market perceptions, WebEye quickly grows into a leading high-tech enterprise in interactive entertainment, digital marketing, and enterprise services.

Before founding WebEye, he served as Vice President for Opera, President of R&D center for Opera, Nanjing, and Technical Director for ACCESS, China, during which he led the development and operation management of products with over 10 million daily active users.

He holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Nanjing University and an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.
Dick Yu
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Dick Yu co-founded WebEye and currently serves as CFO at WebEye. He has more than 20 years of working experience in foreign and listed companies and is a leading expert in financial operations and strategic planning. He leads WebEye's equity financing and global structure construction, ensuring WebEye's steady operations and stable cash flow. He previously served as CFO for ACCESS, responsible for works in finance, legal affairs, human resource, and administration in the China region.

He is a senior member of ACCA.
Eric Ren
Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Eric Ren co-founded WebEye and currently serves as CTO at WebEye. He has over 16 years of experience in R&D of web products and is a leading expert in cloud architecture design, enterprise database system construction, and digital transformation. He focuses on developing WebEye's programmatic online advertising platform, and data insights platform. Prior to WebEye, he worked as a Technical Director for Opera, in charge of the development and iteration of Opera Mini and Opera Turbo. He also previously served as technical manager for Baidu, in charge of mobile browser development and iteration.
Thunder Yuan
Co-founder & President of Game Business
Thunder Yuan co-founded WebEye and currently serves as the President of Game Business. He has over 18 years of experience in user growth and R&D of mobile and web products. At WebEye, he is in charge of developing the programmatic online  advertising platform. In 2019, he led the team to construct the user growth and  monetization platform, helping WebEye's game and content publishing services grow rapidly.

Prior to joining WebEye in 2015 , he served as Senior Software Architect for developing and iterating browser and desktop products at Lenovo. He also previously served as Tuniu's Senior Project Manager and technical director for ACCESS, China.