Why TaurusX DSP

Multi-goal Optimization

Based on our deep learning algorithms and technology, we offer multi-goal optimization to meet all your campaign needs, whether CPI, CPE, or ROAS.

ROI maximization

According to multiple campaigns accumulated over the years, we build different algorithm models for different needs to precisely target right users and maximize your ROI.

Global Reach

We have over 1 billion MAU and 1.2 million app traffic globally from our own apps and SDK partners to reach users you want on a massive scale.

Rapid Growth

By advanced algorithmic learning and creating a unique traffic pool, we significantly shorten the starting peirod to help you achieve rapid growth.

How Do We Achieve Your Goals

TaurusX DSP Scaler

Make it easier for app marketers to scale performance quickly and efficiently.

Big Data

We leverage the users we have seen in the past 5+ years and their behavioral data to cluster them with the apps that they are interested in. It is easier to get faster performance.

Machine Learning Driven

We use smarter machine learning and deep learning algorithms together with your data to build custom prediction models to hit your goals.

Full-service Campaign Management

Our marketing experts proactively and continuously take care of your campaigns, optimize budgets, update bidding strategies to maximize your ROI.

Performance Visibility

In-house BI tool Mega gives insights about your campaigns in real time to help you make strategic decisions.

Fraud Prevention

By cooperating with Pixalate, an omni-channel fraud intelligence platform, we ensure that marketers have access to high quality traffic and authentic audiences.


Affluent Traffic Sources

· Publishers
· In-House

All Ad Formats

· Video
· Interstitial
· Playable

· Banner
· Native

Global Partners

What our customers say

Cash Carnival Pusher

Daily installs increase 10 times

User usage time increased by 50%

Day0 ROAS increased by 40%

"TaurusX brought in a higher quality of users than expected and was able to accelerate our returns. What's even more surprising is that TaurusX increased the DAUs of our two products quickly by 10x. Thanks to all the operation experts at TaurusX."

Growth Manager

Lucky Money

Daily installs increased by 3 times

ROI increased by about  20%

User retention increased by 15%

"We have quickly gone from small budget testing to a 10X larger growth with a short cold start period by working  with TaurusX. Besides, the optimization and communication were timely.  We will prefer to test and grow with TaurusX if we have more products."

Growth Manager

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